Welcome To My Website

I am Aurora Lexica, aka Riya, here to develop your dream custom discord bot.

We Are Here To Help

Check out my YouTube channel should you need help developing your bot.

I am a Passionate Discord Bot Developer

Moderation Commands

I offer moderation commands in bots to make your life easier and to make sure people can easily navigate through your server.

Fun Commands

I offer fun commands in bot so that life in your server is never dull. The fun commands include commands like hug, fake nitro and more.

Economy Commands

Economy commands are fun: and create a new virtual world in the server itself. I offer economy commands to make your server the ultimate hub for gamers.

Miscellaneous Commands

And of course a bunch of other commands to make your life easier…

Invite my all rounder bot CatBot

StarPower has all the commands one needs in a bot. It is the ultimate bot with prefix. Do (>help) to start.